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    Trademark Renewal

    A Trademark is a form of Intellectual Property Right which an owner can exploit to distinguish his goods and services from his competitors. It gives a brand name to the owner. It is a symbol or picture or any icon, represented by an ‘R’ in the end or bottom of the image. The Trademark renewal is done under the Trademark Act of 1999. The trademark should be distinctive and free from any kind of abusive content and should not contain any elements of national emblem. Trademark Renewal can be done by following a very simple process.

    All the Intellectual Property Rights are registered for a given period of time and duration. Trademark is no different. Under the Trademark Act of 1999, the trademark issued to any establishment is valid up to 10 years. However trademark renewal can be done following a certain procedure. The procedure of trademark renewal is similar as it is for trademark registration. The applicant has to file an application for trademark renewal and submit all the necessary documents. If the application and the documents are complete, then the trademark renewal can be offered.

    More About Trademark Renewal

    trademark renewal

    There is again a deadline for the trademark renewal application. The Registrar has provided with the given time frame within the which the application of trademark renewal can be filled. The deadline is 6 months from the beginning of the expiration period.

    Sometimes, the owners tend to forget about the expiration date of their trademark. So the Registry has an option to send a reminder notice at your registered address before the expiration date. If the owner still does not respond, the Registrar will publish their intention to remove the mark from the Trademark Journal. The trademark renewal can also be done between 6 to 12 months of the expiration date by paying prescribed fees and surcharge.

    Advantages Of Trademark Renewal

    • Business Opportunity

    • Legal Protection

    • Unique Identity

    • Creation of asset

    • Recognition of product’s quality

    • Attract human resources

    The documents required for the trademark renewal procedure is different for different types of enterprises. But some of them are common to all types.

    Requirements for Trademark Renewal

    Signed copy of Form TM-48
    Picture of the Logo (Optional)
    Address Proof of the signatory
    Identity of the signatory

    Procedure For Trademark Renewal

    Documents Required for Trademark Renewal Application

    Sole Proprietorship or Individuals

    Any individual or a sole proprietor of a trademark can apply for the renewal of period for their trademark. Any individual whether Indian National or Foreign National can apply. Documents required for the sole proprietorship firm is same as that of the owner.

    • Signed copy of TM- 48
    • A picture of the logo (optional)
    • Address proof of the Signatory
    • Identity proof of the Signatory

    LLP/ Partnership/Company

    The Companies, LLP’s, Partnership Firm can apply for the renewal of Trademark through submission of following documents:

    • Signed copy of Form 48
    • A picture of the logo (optional)
    • Address proof of the Signatory
    • Identity proof of the Signatory
    • Udyog Aadhaar Registration Certificate (For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises only)
    • Registration Certificate or Pan Card


    All other establishments not covered above is required to submit the following documents :

    • Signed copy of TM- 48
    • A picture of the logo (optional)
    • Address proof of the Signatory
    • Identity proof of the Signatory
    • Registration Certificate or Pan Card

    Deadline To Apply for Trademark Renewal

    There is again a deadline for the renewal application of trademark. The Registrar has provided with the given time frame within the which the application of renewal can be filled. The deadline is 6 months from the beginning of the expiration period.

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    The documents of the trademark owner is required. However, the application can be signed in the name of the owner by an attorney. There is an option of not being there for renewal.

    If the Registrar does not receive the required fees of for the process before the expiration of the trademark, he removes the trademark from the register and notifies the same by publishing the update in the Trademark Journal. However, if the fee is paid by the proprietor or the attorney within six months after the expiry date of the last registered trademark, then the application is moved forward under Section 25(3) of the Trademark Act, 1999.

    Any person who owns any enterprise and has been subjected to the right to a trademark can apply for trademark renewal before the expiration date.

    At Registration Arena, we are continuously available to help you understand how to renew your trademark. Trademark Renewal in India can be done through Registration Arena in all major cities including Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata & all other Indian cities. It takes 7-12 working days on an average to complete registration, subject to the government processing time and the client document submission.

    India is always progressing and moving forward to the era of commercialization. With it, the demand of trademarks has been increasing. It helps in protection of the exclusivity and uniqueness of applicant’s products and services. With the advent of technology, the process of submission of application have made easier. The government too facilities reminding the owner about the trademark expiration date.

    The fee is same for all the types of enterprises before the expiration date. If a start-up wishes to use the above benefits, it has to submit an Udyog Aadhaar Certificate.

    The Government of India has helped the owners of the establishments by simplifying the process of registration. The registration can also be done online.

    If any other entity applies for the registration of the expired trademark, the applicant apply for an opposition in the new application and the process that follows is same for all the other opposition applications.

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