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    TAN Application

    TAN refers to the Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number which is a 10 digit alpha numeric number which is required to be obtained by all those who are responsible for deducting or collecting tax at source. It is mandatory to quote the TAN Application number under the Section 203A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. TAN is allotted by the Income Tax Department (ITD) on all TDS returns.

    To help improve the process of TAN Application, the government of India has eased up the process where the applicants can apply online for the same. Income Tax Department has also introduced a search facility on their official website www.incometaxindia.gov.in. Using this facility, the deductors themselves can search their names and old TAN Application to find their new TAN. All the deductors have to search for their new TAN using the aforementioned procedure before the same is incorporated in their e-TDS return file to avoid any inconvenience at the time of furnishing e-TDS return.

    Why is TAN Application Required

    • Every person who deducts or collects tax at source has to mandatory quote TAN in documents like (a) TDS statements i.e. return (b) TCS statements i.e. return Statement of financial transactions or reportable accounts (d) Challans for payment of TDS/TCS (e) TDS/TCS certificates (f) Other documents as may be prescribed.
    • Payment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land: Section 194IA provides for deduction of tax at source from payment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land.
    • TDS on Payment of Rent : Section 194-IB provides for deduction of tax at source at the rate of 5% from payment of rent. The tax shall be deducted if the rent paid or payable exceeds Rs. 50,000 per month or part of the month. This provision is applicable on individual and HUF, who is not liable to tax audit under Section 44AB in the immediately preceding financial year.
    •  TDS on Commision, Brokerage and Professional fees: Section 194M provide for deduction of tax at source at the rate of 5% on the sum paid or credited, to a resident, on account of contractual work, commission (not being insurance commission referred to in section 194D), brokerage or professional fees, by an individual or a HUF, if aggregate of such sum exceeds Rs. 50 lakhs in a financial year.

    Types of TAN Application

    • Application for allotment of TAN – When applicant has never applied for a TAN or does not have TAN allotted to him.
    • Application for new TAN card or/ and Corrections in the TAN Data – When applicant has a TAN card and wants either a new or some changes in the data

    Minimum Requirements for TAN Application

    Proof of identity (Individual) or proof of Constitution of Business
    Proof of Address
    Signed Copy of Acknowledgment

    Procedure For TAN Application

    Documents Required for TAN Application

    Individual : 

    1. Aadhaar Card as issued by UIAI
    2. Voter ID Card
    3. Driving License
    4. Passport.

    Company : 

    Registration certificate as issued by Registrar of Companies.

    Partnership Firm : 

    Copy of partnership deed or copy of Registration certificate as issued by the Registrar of firms.

    Limited Liability Partnership : 

    Copy of Registration Certificate as issued by the Registrar of LLPs.

    Trust : 

    Copy of certificate of registration number as issued by charity commissioner or trust deed.

    Association of Person, Body of Individuals, Local Authority, or Artificial Juridical Person :

    Copy of Agreement or copy of certificate of registration number issued by charity commissioner or registrar of cooperative society or any other competent authority or any other document originating from any Central or State Government Department establishing identity and address of such person.


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    The provisions of Section 203A of the Income-tax Act, 1961 require all persons who deduct or collect tax at source to apply for the allotment of TAN. The section also makes it mandatory to quote TAN in all TDS/TCS/Annual Information Returns, payment challans and certificates to be issued. If TAN is not quoted, TDS/TCS returns will not be accepted by TIN-Faciliation Centres (TIN-FCs) and challans for TDS/TCS payments will not be accepted by banks.

    All those persons who are required to deduct/collect tax at source on behalf of Income Tax Department are required to apply for and obtain TAN.

    Form 49B is freely downloadable from NSDL e-Gov-TIN website. It is also available at TIN-FCs. Legible photocopies of Form 49B or forms legibly printed exactly as per the format prescribed by ITD are also allowed to be used.

    The DSC is an instrument issued by certifying authorities (TCS and n-Code are two of them) by which you can sign electronic documents. As all documents needed are electronic, partners need a DSC.

    TAN is allotted by the IncomeTax Department on the basis of the application submitted online at NSDL e-Gov -TIN website or to TIN-FCs managed by NSDL e-Gov. NSDL e-Gov will intimate the TAN to the applicant at the address provided in the application.

    In case a TAN has already been allotted for the purpose of tax deduction at source (TDS), then no separate application needs to be made for obtaining separate TAN for the purpose of tax collection at source (TCS). The same number can be quoted in all returns, challans and certificates for TCS. However, if no TAN has been allotted, a duly filled in Form 49B, along with the application fees is to be submitted at any TIN-FC.​

    An allotment letter is dispatched by NSDL e-Gov at the address provided in Form 49B.

    A fee of ₹ 55 + Goods and Service tax (as applicable) should be paid as processing fee at the TIN-FC at the time of submitting Form 49B. If you are applying for TAN online, then the payment can be made vide cheque, demand draft or credit card as per the guidelines given in the NSDL e-Gov -TIN website.

    You can inquire the status of your application by accessing NSDL e-Gov -TIN website at the “Status track” option and quoting your unique 14-digit acknowledgement number after three days of your application date.

    No. TAN which was allotted for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) can be used for the purpose of TCS. However, if no TAN has been allotted, a duly filled in Form 49B, alongwith the application fees should be submitted at any TIN-FC.

    In case duplicate TAN(s) have been allotted to a person, then the TAN which has been used regularly should be used. The other TAN(s) should be surrendered for cancellation.

    Yes. In such a case, the name and location of branch or the designation of the person responsible for deducting/collecting tax, whichever is applicable, should be clearly given in the application for allotment of TAN.

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