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    Company ROC Filing

    Every company incorporated in India is required to file certain documents with the Registrar of Companies every year. Failure to comply with the regulations could result in penalties and fines for the officers or the Company or Directors. Hence, it is important for Management personnel of a company to be aware of all the necessary compliances for the company and comply on time. In this article, we look at documents that must be filed with the ROC filing every year by a company.

    Form MGT-7 – Annual Return

    Form MGT-7 is the annual return of the company containing information about the company at the close of a financial year and should be filed within 60 days from the Annual General Meeting.The main information contained in the annual return or Form MGT-7 is:
    • Details of registered office of the company, principal business activities, particulars of its holding, subsidiary and associate
    • Share, debentures and other securities and shareholding pattern;
    • Indebtedness;
    • Members and debenture-holders along with changes therein since the close of the previous financial year;
    • Promoters, directors, key managerial personnel along with changes therein since the close of the previous financial year;
    • Meetings of members or a class thereof, Board and its various committees along with attendance details;
    • Renumeration of Directors and key managerial personnel;
    • Penalty or punishment imposed on the company, its Directors or Officers and details of compounding of offences and appeals made against
    such penalty or punishment;
    • Matters relating to certification of compliances, disclosures as may be prescribed;
    • Shareholding pattern of the company; and such other matters as required in the form.

    Form AOC-4 – Financial Statements & Other Documents

    All companies are required to file its financial statements and mandatory attachments using Form AOC-4 each year. In case the financial statements of the company are not adopted in an Annual General Meeting then un-adopted financial statements should be filed within 30 days of date of AGM (due date of AGM if AGM not held or extended due date if any). If financial statements are adopted by the company, then the adopted financial statements must be filed within 30 days of the AGM (actual or adjourned whichever is applicable). In case company needs to revise the financial statement or Board’s report, then revised financial statements can also be filed using Form AOC-4.

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    Minimum Requirements for Company ROC Filing

    Digital Signature of 1 Director
    Audited Balanceheet of the Company
    Information asked for
    5-7 days time

    Procedure For Company ROC Filing


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    • Company ROC Filing


    • Company ROC Filing
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    • Company ROC Filing
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    • ISO Certificattion

    *Consultancy fees
    (government fees will be on actual)


    A) First Annual Filing of the Company is due on the 30th December of the next year from the date of Incorporation and
    B) Subsequent Annual Filing is due on the 30th September of the same year in which the Financial Year of the Company ends.
    Penalty for delay of up to 30 days -2 times of normal fees
    More than 30 days and up to 60 days – 4 times of normal fees
    More than 60 days and up to 90 days – 6 times of normal fees
    More than 90 days and up to 180 days – 10 times of normal fees
    More than 180 days – 12 times of normal fees
    Yes. ROC return gives details of changes taken place in the company during the year and need to be filed with the ROC even though the company has not done any business during the year.
    Company having Authorized Capital of Rs. 1 lac is Rs. 300 for each Form AOC-4 and MGT-7 and Company having Authorized Capital of Rs 5 Lac or more is Rs. 400 for each Form.

    It is the duty of the Company and Directors to file ROC Return as both are liable for non filing.

    The eForms to be filed for Annual ROC filing is:
    MGT-7 – Annual return
    AOC- 4 – Financial Statements, Balance Sheet & P&L Account

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